It’s a big, exciting world out there. Make it safe for her with the most advanced dog containment and tracking system available.

Introducing SpotOn—the fence you take with you.

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SpotOn will be available late fall 2018.

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Imagine where you and your dog could go together if you could make any location as safe as your own backyard.

Using state-of-the-art technology and professionally-developed training programs, SpotOn allows you to contain or track your dog anywhere on the planet—all via a single, durable collar and accompanying app.

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SpotOn taps into the power of global navigation satellite systems to set up virtual smart fences of any shape or size, with no need for buried wires or base stations.

With the addition of a $6.95/month subscription, SpotOn works with existing cellular networks to track your pup with unparalleled accuracy. If he strays beyond the perimeter you’ve established, SpotOn notifies you through your phone, and provides turn-by-turn driving or compass directions to reunite you as soon as possible.

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  • I was able to get it up and running quickly. Training program worked quickly too. It works for containment and I would reliably get notifications. It’s a game changer for us. Everything we hoped it would be. Convenience, portability, reliability and connectivity.



With SpotOn, your best buddy is never alone. Our collar’s advanced containment and tracking capabilities let you know where your dog is at all times, so that you can keep him safe and happy.

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A collar. An app. That’s all. The entire SpotOn system is as portable as your dog. Because SpotOn relies on global navigation satellite systems and cellular networks, rather than stationary hardware, it can create a virtual smart fence wherever you and your pal decide to roam.

Whether she is roaming your backyard, exploring a friend’s property, or hiking mountain trails with her favorite human, your dog is safe with SpotOn.

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As pet owners, we know that safety comes first—but fun shouldn’t be far behind. We created SpotOn so that you can finally give your dog the adventures he wants and deserves, without putting him at risk.

There are many ways to show your pet you love him. SpotOn is just one of them.

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We use skills and experience gathered over the course of long careers in military product development and manufacturing to create products which give your dog freedom to roam, without putting him at risk. We hold our work up to the level of scrutiny and quality control applied to US Armed Forces equipment because, as pet owners, we know that there is no room for shortcuts when it comes to the safety of our best friends.